Pet Airways launches main cabin travel for pets

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Pet Airways opens its business this month. For all the pet owners who can’t or won’t send their pets in the regular cargo cabin, can now send them in the main cabin with this all pet airline.

There’s a catch though, since this is a all pet airline, you can’t actually fly with your pet, he or she travels only with other pets. Instead you’ll have to take a regular flight yourself and then pick up your pet at one of smaller, regional airports right now, so an extra trip may be in order for you to drop off your pet. Also the Pet Airways flight takes longer than a standard flight due to stops along the way.

Inaugural cities at this moment are New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Denver, and Los Angeles. Fares right now range from $149 – $299 and are operated by Suburban Air Freight, Inc.

More info can be found here: Pet Airways