British Airways cuts down on food

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British Airways are planning to to save money by removing certain meals.

After 10 O’clock, the passengers of British Airways economy class will no longer have anything to eat. The airline has decided to save money by removing the meals on flights of under two and half hours long. The measure will save the airline 22 million pounds, according to E-time.

The passengers would previously have been served a sandwich at lunch or snack. Instead, now a free bar and snacks service will be made available and passengers business class will still get a meal.

– Customer surveys show that they appreciate the warm breakfast, so we decided to keep it. After that they may get a free glass of wine or gin and tonic with snacks, such as chips, or cookies and coffee, ” says a spokesman for the airline.
– We look at all parts of the company in this economic slowdow. There is some waste on flights – up to 30 percent of the food provided on some routes are not eaten.

British Airways has no plans to begin charging for meals.