Mumbai Cheapest, Oslo Most Expensive City According To UBS

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The Indian city of Mumbai is the cheapest city in the world to live in, while Oslo is the most expensive, according to Swiss Bank UBS. The Bank has examined the cost of living in cities around the world by putting together a basket of 122 goods and services. In Western Europe the basket cost an average of 2 670 U.S. dollars, equivalent to around 20 000 SEK.

In Oslo, which ended up in the top, the basket cost $3340, while in Mumbai (Bombay), the world’s cheapest city in the survey, only went to $916.

The most expensive after Oslo was Zurich and Copenhagen – with two baskets that cost just under $3220.

The study was conducted in March in 73 cities around the world.

If you select the destination after your wallet, you should avoid Denmark and Norway, which are Europe’s most expensive countries. You will get most for your money in the Balkans – and cheap clothing is available in the UK.

According to another study – from the EU statistics agency Eurostat – Denmark is Europe’s most expensive country with an overall price level of 141. Norway was closely followed by 139 and Switzerland 130. Index of 100 are the average prices in Europe. Denmark is thus 41 percent more expensive than the average country in Europe.

Eurostat’s survey is based on a basket containing food and drink categories, alcohol and tobacco, clothing and shoes.

The cheapest countries are, according to Eurostat, in the Balkans. For example, Macedonia was the index 47, Bulgaria 51, Albania 53.
Text: Vagabond