The Successor To Concorde Ready To Lift In 2016

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The next revolution in speed is spelled QSST. Thirteen years after the retirement of Concorde, the new passenger plane with supersonic speed will be launched.

Twelve passengers will fit in this luxury airplane. The idea is to attract business men and “superstars” who are willing to pay to have their travel time between New York and London cut in half.

The aircraft named Quiet Supersonic Transport will be the first in the world which will be allowed to break the sound barrier over populated areas. The reason is, as the name suggests, it’s much quieter than its predecessor, the Concorde. On the ground the noise from the airplane at full speed will only be up to 66 decibels, equivalent to a passing car at low speed.

The noise created by Concorde when it broke the sound barrier led to a ban on civil supersonic aircraft over U.S. airspace. Since then, engineers have tried to solve the problem, and now Lockheed Martin say the company has succeeded.

Cruising speed of Mach 1.6 to Mach 1.8, equivalent to about 1900 km/h, is slightly lower than the Concorde. But QSST has the advantage that it does not need extra long runways to lift and land.

QSST is estimated to cost approximately 80 million U.S. dollars.