Airlines to halve emissions – within 40 years

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The aerospace industry promised at the climate conference in Copenhagen to halve its carbon emissions by 50 percent by 2050. In addition to emission reduction, any growth in the industry is to be climate neutral by 2020, writes News Agency Six under DI.

– It was a fairly long process. The discussions began early this year, and then we have had intense debates within IATA. But I think all the airlines realize that it is important to get an agreement in Copenhagen. It is important for a global industry that we have the same rules everywhere. Otherwise, you get competition in the different conditions in different parts of the world” said Hans Ollongren, head of aviation policy at SAS.

SAS aims slightly higher than the IATA Joint target frame.
-“Our overall aim is slightly sharper. We have said that by 2020 we will have reduced our emissions by 20 percent, including growth, from the 2005 level. It is clear that as a Nordic company it’s easier to be more ambitious than others because we are well advanced in our thinking and technology” said Hans Ollongren.