New hotel classification system in France

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France introduces a new system of hotel classification and the main change is the introduction of a fifth star.
The old hotel classification system has been operational since 1986 but no longer lives up to the French and international tourists’ expectations. Therefore, a new system has been constructed.

The five-star classification has been wanted for a long time by the hotel industry and is a way for the hotels to attract new international customers with strong purchasing power. This also allows the French hotels to match their already five-star international competitors.

At the same time,  the number of criteria which form the basis for assessing the number of stars has been increased from 30 pieces to between 225 and 233. These are divided into four main categories which correspond to today’s hotel guest expectations: internet, customer service, accessibility and sustainable development. Each of which, hold a number of points.

Whatever the number of stars, the hotel should have the minimum standard which is a well-functioning reception desk, tidy rooms, well-written and accurate information about hotel services, functional rooms and a responsible service-minded staff.

In order to receive five stars is also required that the hotel has single company premises at least 90 square meters, double that is less than 24 square meters including the bathroom, interior design and the corresponding international standard, room service, piccolo, a restaurant at the hotel, service around the clock in a hotel with more than 30 rooms and staff who speak at least two foreign languages of which one shall be English.

Currently there are 26 hotels in France that have been awarded five stars.