Richard Branson And Virgin Galactic’s Spaceship Is Ready For Take Off

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Richard Branson’s new spaceship that will take the first tourists into space on a larger scale was presented in the Mojave desert at the beginning of this week.

The 300 prospective passengers who have paid an advance of about $20000 (total cost is about $200000) for their tickets were there along with press from around the world.

The first tourists are going to be sent into space in 2011. Before that happens, the new spaceship called Spaceship Two, is going to be tested on the space base currently being built in New Mexico. The 18 meter long space ship is launched into the sky by piggybacking on top of another aircraft. At just over 18 000 meters the space capsule is shot into space.
The period of weightlessness will be about 10 minutes. During this short period the seatbelts are taken off and the passengers can float freely in the air and look out through the large windows in the spaceship.

Virgin Galactic has chosen Kiruna as its European launch base, but it is not clear when space travel will be starting from there.